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Gaining an advantage from a foul?

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  • Gaining an advantage from a foul?

    Imagine a scenario where one player is leading by 34 points with one red remaining on the table (35 on). The red is near a pocket and the leading player is snookered on the red by a colour except black. The player plays a shot, hitting the colour into the red and potting it. The foul leaves the leading player between 32 and 28 points ahead depending on colour value and 27 on, leaving the trailing player requiring a snooker to win.

    What happens in this situation? Would this be grounds for the referee awarding the frame to the trailing player? Would the result depend on whether the shot could be deemed as intentional or accidental?

    I'm interested to see what others think about this, as I believe that the ref would award the frame if it were obviously an intentional shot, but I don't know what would happen if it were plausibly an accident, or definitely an accident.

    Edit: I got it the wrong way around. The scenario I was originally thinking of was the colour over the pocket, with the red covering it. The red is then played into the colour, forcing both into the pocket. What would the result of this scenario be?
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    It's been discussed before. But if the player hasn't made a genuine attempt to hit the red (i.e. if it's deemed deliberate), it can of course still be called a Miss - then the balls are replaced so there's 35 on once again.

    If it's accidental, then there isn't really any advantage - if he'd actually potted the red with no foul, he would be 35 in front with only 27 on, plus a potential colour to follow. However, the foul means he's only 29 in front with 27 on, so his opponent does need a snooker but would have needed at least two.


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      Of course, I got it the wrong way around. I meant that if a colour were covering the pocket, and a red covering the colour. The red could be played onto the colour and force both into the pocket. What would that result in?


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        Originally posted by JohnASmith97 View Post
        What would that result in?
        Just one of those things. Striker has hit the object ball legally, so little you can do.

        Another example... striker is 14 points behind with pink and black left, but pink is balancing on the edge of the pocket. He plays pink and deliberately follows through to pocket the cue ball too. He's now 20 points behind and both balls are still on the table, so giving him a glimmer of hope of getting the snooker, which was previously impossible.
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          Funnily enough, the exact scenario happened to me yesterday in a game of doubles. I wasn't happy


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            There are many safety scenarios where you could sacrifice only 4 points instead of many more by playing a deliberate in off. Not directly of course, but off another red. Don't forget to put on disgusted face when cue ball falls into the pocket.