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Not improving in snooker

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  • Not improving in snooker

    I'm having trouble improving in snooker and I have been playing for two years on and off, I usually practice for about 3 hours twice a week.
    I struggle with over analysing everything in my game whether it be grip, stance how I sight the ball and the way I deliver the cue.
    I've tried many different things, nothing has worked so far, I believe I have the ability because I am very good at pool but at snooker everything is exposed in my cue action etc... I really want to be able to make 30's, 40's and 50 breaks + ... I just need to find something that works and then try and work on Break-building and safety etc... because at the minute I am just over analysing the basics In snooker and i'm not getting anything out of practice.
    Really frustrating, any advice or help will be appreciated
    Thank you in advance!

  • #2 may help declutter your mind when actually down on the shot and playing it - and give something to build from?


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      Lots of solo practice might help. Do an easy routine over and over and over until you're not even thinking, you're just potting. Line some reds up and pot them into the middle bag. This will build your confidence and should help you clear your mind.