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  • Re-spotting question


    All of the colours are on their respective spots. A red is potted and the Brown Ball is then the chosen colour, it is potted successfully but the cue ball comes to rest on the brown spot and, in most cases there is often a spot that the Brown could be placed on, Am I correct in thinking that this should always be the highest spot available if there is more than one spot available?

    In this instance though, all of the colours are occupying their correct spots, so where does the Brown go now?

    Many thanks in advance of any input.

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    as close to its spot (without touching any interfering ball) in a vertical line to the closest point on the top cushion (black rail); i.e. the centre line from brown to blue.
    the same with all of the colours, Brown Blue, Pink and Black all along the centre line; the Yellow and green in lien to the closest point on the top cushion.

    - There have been further scenario questions - what if reds take up the space between the black spot and the cushion and make it impossible for the black to be placed as close to its spot, then you go the other side (i.e. going towards the pink spot); again as close to its spot along that vertical centre line.
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      Looks like you just snookered yourself


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        Sometimes respotting a baulk colour can look really odd if all other spots are occupied. Imagine that a red is just a fraction less than a half ball directly in front of the brown spot, with the brown needing to be spotted. It would go between the red and blue spots, as close as possible to the red without touching it, and NOT as close as possible to its own spot behind the red.
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          Thanks for the replies chaps, much appreciated.

          No jrc750, it wasn't me, it was a game that I was watching.

          The chaps playing did in fact arrive at the correct placement of the the end!