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    Well lads
    Have a strange one for ya or mabey not can't decide what's after happening i used aramath premier balls for 2 years and switched to tournament champion about 2 week ago .
    Now I've never been able to notice kicks in know that's weird but I'd never seem to spot them. Since use of the tcs I'm constantly noticeing them also I'm chipping the ball on deep screw more then ever. What's causing all this point to note the last month I'm praticeing a lot more often and now I'm making 50 breaks frequently is this just me improving or is it the change of balls btw I use an abben reddy with standard elk and regular green triangle.

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    A strange one this . Ive noticed that I get the odd kick with the 1G set I got but much easier to get screw back on them . The only thing I could suggest is that maybe your cueing too low on the white and or possibly over striking ? Its kinda impossible to say without seeing you play a few different shots .