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Another question on a foul.

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  • Another question on a foul.

    A player is on a Red, pots it but then goes in-off. In the process the Black is potted, what is the penalty please?

    I had it in mind that had the player potted the Red (or not for that matter) and had gone in-off after clipping the Black, that would have been a penalty of 4 points but, as the Black was actually potted, then this would have resulted in a penalty of 7 points. Am I correct in thinking this.......................or not?

    Many thanks
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    7 point foul


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      as JRC250 says you are correct, 7 penalty points.

      I had similar in a club comp, he potted a red (ball on) and the cue ball then knocked the pink in another pocket; he said just 4 penalty points; but luckily another person watching said "no 6 as the pink is off the table when you were on Red" -

      Sec3.10 Penalties
      The following acts are fouls and incur a penalty of four points unless a higher one is indicated in paragraphs (a) to (d) below. Penalties are:
      (b) value of the ball on or ball concerned, whichever is higher, by:
      (iii) causing a ball not on to enter a pocket;
      Up the TSF!


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        Thank you chaps, much appreciated.


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          There are two separate infringements of the rules: the cue ball going in off, for which the penalty is four (value of ball on or four, whichever is higher), and secondly pocketing a ball not on (the black) for which the penalty is seven. The highest penalty applies, so seven points in this case.
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