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Rule question: ball on top of the cushion

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  • Rule question: ball on top of the cushion

    Hi everybody,
    I have been playing and watching snooker for more than a decade now and have never seen this situation before until now: After hitting the black much too hard it jumped off the table rolled down the side cushion just to stop short before the middle pocket. If it was a match what would happen now? Sorry if this has been asked but I could not find an answer here.
    Thanks for any kind of help!

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    Foul as it did not come to rest on the playing surface of the table, the cue ball is given to the non-offending player as "ball in hand".
    Same as if the cue ball went in to the pocket.

    IF the cue ball had rolled back on the playing surface of the table, then no foul.
    Up the TSF!


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      Thanks for your quick reply. Sorry if my question was not clearl enough: the black ball came to rest on top of the cushion. So it is foul and the black ball respotted on its spot (as long as it was not the final black of course), isn't it?


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        ah ha, sorry read it wrong - you are correct; any colour coming to rest not on the playing surface (or bed) of the table is respotted as if it had been pocketed; a foul and the appropriate penalty points applied. Non-offending player has the usual two options moving on.

        If the black is the only ball on the table, then Foul and seven penalty points applied; player with most points wins; if a draw then tie break occurs.
        Up the TSF!


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          That's why I love this forum: friendly people, quick and competent answers to all questions! Thanks!