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What is the right shot shot selection here?

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  • What is the right shot shot selection here?

    I was watching a recording of an in-house 6-red tournament on Youtube, when I saw the following situation:

    rsz test

    As you can see, the player is snookered behind the yellow, and no obvious shot comes to mind. What is the correct shot selection in this case, based on risk vs. difficulty? Non of the "standard" escape patterns seem to apply here, so I'm wondering how much trouble the player really is in...

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    In a whole heap of trouble I would say 🤔
    I would be playing close to the brown with lots of right hand side hoping to hit the one nearest the cushion, but I'm sure there's another way


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      As a left hander I think I could bridge over the yellow and hit the bottom Cush about 20" from the yellow pocket and hopefully hit the red next to the Cush half ball. ( In my dreams lol).