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Buying a Snooker table. Need advice.

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  • Buying a Snooker table. Need advice.

    I just discovered Snooker and I'm addicted. I found a table by accident going to a new pool hall I had never been too.

    Unfortunately, they only have 1 table (official STAR table). Despite Snooker not being particularly popular in my state, it's been used every time I walk in.

    My wife has told me if I can clear space in our garage, I could buy one.

    The only reasonable options I have are to import one from China.

    There's a couple of suppliers that make tables at a considerably cheaper price. A couple of them have asked me what materials do I want.

    One quoted me, in US dollars, 1090 for

    Non-solid woof frame.
    Marble slabs
    Wood cushions
    Their domestic cloth
    Their domestic balls (I'm assuming standard resin).


    Solid wood frame
    Steel cushions
    Aramith balls

    For 2080.

    The table will be used only for personal use. I was told by several people the steel cushions weren't necessary and that slate was a must. Would I be okay with the first option it was marble? Supplier said I could swap it out for slate for 1400, which includes shipping for sea freight.

    I'm trying to save so I can have more for duties and billiard folks to set it up.


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    I had a 10' Chinese made table when I lived in China. It played fine. The only problem was that the cloth was far too heavy. So I simply had a better cloth fitted!

    I know I am going to be shot down in flames for this, but for personal use a Chinese table is probably absolutely fine. I have a 12' Burroughs and Watts here and it is a far better table. The old British tables are frankly unbeatable, but a Chinese one is adequate for some purposes.


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      That's a fair comment, Philip.

      I cannot comment specifically on what you should get, bet I wonder how you'll feel if, compared to the Star table, your new table doesn't play nearly as well. Value v quality is a personal balance - if you're used to a finer cloth which plays fast, cushions that bounce nicely and consistently, and a smooth surface then a far inferior table may just be frustrating. I've never played on a Star table but I get frustrated when I play on really poor club tables with carpet on the table and unresponsive cushions.

      Only you can appreciate where your expectations lie and I'd suggest you don't go for something far worse as you'll not feel like playing on it. If you're not expecting too muhc then maybe the first option is ideal


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        Thanks! I'll probably go for the first option just with slate swapped out. I'm just a rookie player and I'm not partaking in any tournaments. I don't really require the best.

        Your advice has been appreciated!


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          Main thing is to get it properly assembled, levelled etc. A poor table, well fitted, will play better than a good table badly fitted.