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    I have been watching, playing and until a few years ago, refereeing snooker.
    Can someone please tell me where in the official rules, it is written that when a stalemate is reached, the balls are "re-racked"? The balls are NOT "re-racked". They are "RE-SET". Where on a snooker table is "the rack"? When a ball leaves the table it either goes in a pocket or onto the floor and NOT on a rack. When the match is finished, the balls are placed in a box. Even that box is probably put on a shelf!!
    This wrong terminology has somehow over the years crept in from, IMO, the inferior game of pool. If I was an examiner and the person I was examining stated that the balls are re-racked, I would tell him (or her) the correct terminology. It's bad enough with commentators/players saying it, but surely the top referees should know better.
    I may be a whisper in a hurricane, but it does annoy me when this wrong terminology is used.
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    Yes, I always say that the balls are re-set and the frame re-started. Reds can be racked but colours can't! Unfortunately this has crept across from pool where all the balls can be placed in a rack (triangle), and a frame is sometimes referred to as a rack.
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      Re-Rack is in the rules book

      Alternative Snooker - Snooker Shoot-out, rule 17 pg30
      "In the case of a 'stalemate' the players are responsible for resolving the situation within the allocated timescale. A re-rack is NOT permitted."

      I have always thought it has been a colloquialism in the game from year-dot
      rack being a name for what we call the triangle
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