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  • new cue yes/no

    how long does it take to get used to a new cue?

    here are my old cue specs:
    17.5 oz
    57 lenght
    cue tip size 10
    brand barracuda
    price $350 aus

    buying my new cue short story - need suggestion
    My cue was damaged so i had to buy a new cue. there are only 2 cue shops where i live, so i chose the one who had couple of good peradons.
    the (shop) guy said peradons come with 58 lenght unless you customze it, and they had options from 18oz to 21oz.
    they showed me a peradon with 58 lenght, 18 oz, i played few shots and it felt good.
    the thing is they didnt have 57 so then i thought not a big deal ( the worst decision )

    came home, played for 3 days, and still feels heavy, long and it feels i need to control the cue alot more. weighted the cue and it is 18.5 oz not 18 oz

    emailed the (shop) guy saying that your cue is way heavier and it feels 19oz, at first he said go weight the cue plus we dont take the cue back once you play with it, but i didnt have scale so i told him that it is definately heavier than my old cue, he said he wont take it back, but if everything is perfect and the cue is not damaged he is happy to weight it for me but he cannot guarantree that he would swap it.

    now today i weighted and its 18.5 oz , which means they said its 18 oz when i bought it although through email i told em it feels 19oz and thats how i satisfied them to let me bring it back to their shop.

    went back to the club just now and played and i thought maybe they wont change it so just play and get used to it. caz they said its 18oz but its 18.5 and that 0.5 doesnt mean they would take the cue back.

    new cue specs:
    peradon king
    weight 18.5 oz
    height 58
    cue tip size 10
    price $460 aus

    should i keep playing with this new cue and risk/gamble that i might get used to it? or i shouldnt?
    i swear i am so angry right now, i just feel like taking the cue back and if they said we wont change it, i would just break it infront of them and leave the shop. themselves are snooker players too but they just want money and they dont care about good service etc.

    anyways, thank you whoever is reading this

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    I understand your frustration

    If you can't get the cue changed and you have to keep it - I don;t think it will take that long to get used to it

    You just need a good practise session where you play well - This will give you confidence and you will stop focusing on the cue and concentrate on the shots ahead of you

    The weight issue is maybe the biggest issue - as you have gone up 1oz !!! and probably the balance is different - Two cues that weigh the same but balance at different points will feel very different in your action.

    Take an hour on the table alone and pot a few easy shots and get a feel for the timing of the shots

    Good luck


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      Honestly, with regards weight and balance, if I felt uncomfortable even for 1 session I wouldn't hold on to it. Smaller differences which require putting some time to get the best out of the cue are fine, but discomfort is not going to go away (especially now its in your head as a problem)


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        I’ve got this same problem, I have always had & used lighter cues in the past, I decided on a heavier cue as someone told me they are better in the long run once you get use to it. I bought a Peradon Chiltern Cue from my club a few weeks ago however it feels so much heavier than what I’m used to and I’m missing shots miserably not knowing how much power or spin to generate I’ve lost my confidence. I’m also thinking what to do at this stage to either stick at it or try and sell the cue. I can’t take it back to my club as I had already changed from a Peradon Harlow cue which I exchanged as I had a change of heart the next day. I’m so gutted.


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          The good thing is, that things like this are always in your head. It won't take long to get used to a new cue.

          Ok, it feels different because it is not what you are used to, so it just 'feels' a bit different as you're playing shots at the moment.

          It is purely a confidence thing and not the cue.
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