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Question about play room/table space

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  • Question about play room/table space

    Hello, I have been looking to purchase a snooker table and also a new home to put it in, what type of area or space would you guys suggest for your play room. Any tips on lighting, temperature, etc. would also be very appreciated.

    Thank you in advanced.

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    Welcome to TSF

    You need at least 5ft around the table to allows for the cue - this is the MINIMUM
    you can get away with a bit less but you will soon regret the lack of room
    so a full size table of 12ft x 6ft will require 22ft x 16ft space - so anything over this will only be better

    lighting - forget the old coffin light shades - there are LED panels that are available and bright enough; there are also high frequency florescent tubes, where you have two 5ft units both with two tubes (a duet) and with louvres to reflect further around the table, we have these at my club and they illuminate the table very well, these units work best at about 5ft above the playing area; ours are just below this and work well

    Temperature and humidity - the key here is consistent with both, if you have extreme difference this can affect the table and the cloth. If you have a steady room temperature (20-21C) and humidity the table should be fine and wont require any extra heating from underneath.
    You don't say whereabouts your are, say you are in the tropics with high temperatures and humidity then AC and dehumidifiers could be the answer.
    Up the TSF!


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      What Dean says is correct. However regarding 5 feet min for cueing? It's worth remembering, when playing off the edge of the cushion, although you can use a shorter cue if space is tight. Your backside could be up against the wall, not enabling to get down properly on the shot.
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