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    Does anyone know what the weight of the Premium Aramith Snooker balls are? I know the TC seem to be 139-143g. I was curious if the Premiums are significantly lighter.
    Other than cost, is there a reason why they do this?
    Is there a playability difference?

    thank you

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    The correct weight of a modern snooker ball is supposed to be 141 grams.

    The most common set is the aramith tournament champion set. They are made to a tolerance of 3 grams which means you should get a set which ranges from 139.5g - 142.5g.
    As silly as it seems, that can be noticeable. It doesn't mean that Aramith package them deliberately with such a discrepancy but it is allowable in terms of that set.

    The upper market model of the same ball is the 1g set where the tolerance is, as you would guess, 140.5g - 141.5g which is very difficult to notice weight differences.

    Remember... Over time a set of balls will play poorly and lose their life a touch... This is nothing to do with their weight. Oh and you can't mix and match balls from different sets... That's cause for murder x

    I don't know of a set that's called 'premium'. If you're mistaken and mean 'premier' that's an entry level set and the balls are much lighter at 128g. Or at least they used to be.

    A serious snooker player shouldn't be playing with anything worse than an Aramith Tournament Champion set... If you get a 1G set, that's a bonus.
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      Yes Premier is what I meant. Thanks for the info.


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        Originally posted by pottr View Post
        The correct weight of a modern snooker ball is supposed to be 141 grams.
        Can I ask here did you get this value from?
        WPBSA do not stipulate a weight only a range.
        I asked Aramith/Saluc some time ago what is the "recommended" weight required for snooker and they replied with no actual figure only a range - like you said 138-142 ish for TCs
        Up the TSF!


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          Well done Dean. You're clearly getting the hang of the new Forum lol. Its hard work tho.
          As you say no weight specified only there needs to be a maximum of 3g difference between lightest and heaviest in the set. Don't know where Pottr got his 141g from.


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            Aramith Premier are around 128g iirc