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Trevor White ‘Pinnacle’ Mast Wales

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  • Trevor White ‘Pinnacle’ Mast Wales

    Afternoon all

    I had a Trevor White MAST cue made around 1999, cut a long story short I stopped playing and ended up selling it to a guy in Australia for a ridiculous amount of money. Worst decision I ever made as I’ve never fully recovered bouncing from cue to cue since.

    The bug has bitten me again and I’ve started playing. It’s always good when you want to hit a ball around. I’ve picked up 2 cues, off eBay. First was a Maximus ‘Honor’ Cue which just happened to be owned by Rod Lawler.

    The second is a MAST ‘Pinnacle’ Wales. It appears to be an early ‘ish’ TW. Looks lovely but it hasn’t arrived yet. I’ve not been able to find another one anywhere. Can anyone shed any light on when it was likely to have been made?


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    not seen a Pinnacle cue, but if made around the time of the other named cues then 1999/2000, would not be far out

    got any pictures you can share?

    (you can use image sharing sites like TinyPic or ImgBB without registering, to upload an images and get codes "for forums" which you copy into your TSF post)
    Up the TSF!


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      Hopefully that will work


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        yep this worked as a link
        any others ?
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          Good stuff.

          Just these, not arrived yet so they are taken from the eBay listing. Ill be able to take some better ones when I’ve cleaned the shaft, put a new tip on and shined the ferrule


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            looks like you got a good deal there - hope it is "the one" for you
            Up the TSF!


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              Yes I think so. Hitting a few balls on Tuesday so time will tell ��


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                Managed to get hold of Trev yesterday, mid 90’s =)