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  • Free-Ball

    Free-ball occurred after foul shot and the opponent snookered by (blue) ball. Therefore visitor player nominated (green) ball as a ball-on (Red) and at the same time after hitting he left the que-ball behind the (green). So in accordance to the rule it is illegal to make snooker with free-ball (green). In this situation, the rule says the opponent is allowed to cannon the nominated (green) as a (red) into another (red) (Plant Shot) but here is not possible because there is (blue) ball already between (red) and (green) as you observe in the illustration.
    Please explain the situation properly.
    Thanks a lot in advance.

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    By your drawing, the snookering ball is actually the Green as it is the closest to the cue ball. The Blue is not a snookering ball.

    Your question - No issue.
    Why can't the player play the Green onto the Blue onto the Red?
    As long as the Nominated Free Ball (in all scenarios) is hit by the Cue Ball first; it does not matter what ball or balls are contacted by the cue ball or other ball after that initial contact.

    Of course, if any ball or balls other than the ball on (in this case the Green being a red and the red ball itself) enters a pocket it is a foul.

    love the drawing
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      agree with Dean, you can strike the green (nominated free ball) onto the blue to free the the red. but my question is why? as seen by your drawing, i'm assuming that the red its the final red on the table and if so it's not pottable.
      so you would either put the oponent back in, you have a chance he misses again and gives you another free ball, or hits the blue to give you 5 points (i'm assuming this is just a freindly game and you aren't playing foul and a miss) or pot the green and get on one of the other colours to try and canon the red out.