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  • No miss called

    I've just been watch Trump v Ebdon. After a mistake by Trump, Ebdon was 17 behind with 18 on, he missed the Blue and Trump potted it but snookered himself behind the Black. He missed the Pink but no miss was called and I don't understand why. If a miss had been called and the white put back behind the black and then he missed it again, it would have changed the game.

    Would someone explain this point for me please. Many thanks.

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    Frame 2
    Trump 67 - Ebdon 50
    Blue+ on table
    You said it yourself, Trump pots the Blue, score now 72-50 - penalty points required now. No Miss called.
    Rule 14(a)(i)
    The striker shall, to the best of their ability, endeavour to hit the ball on or a ball that could be on after a Red has been potted. If the referee considers the Rule infringed, they shall call FOUL AND A MISS unless:
    (i) any player needed penalty points before, or as a result of, the stroke being played and the referee is satisfied that the miss was not intentional;
    Up the TSF!


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      Thank you DeanH. I understand your explanation but I still find it odd, especially with only the two ball remaining on the table. To me, if a player needs snookers and gets a good one behind the black and the opponent misses, it should go back as many times as necessary until the player needing the penalty points gains the advantage that he needs through his own efforts and, gets himself into a position where he can win by potting the two remaining balls


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        I think that rightly .the player getting himself into a position whereby his opponent needs a snooker to win, deserves this advantage.

        I don't feel one good snooker deserves the right to alter that advantage. The player needing snookers to win should quite rightly have to play several excellent snookers to have a chance of winning.

        No cheap shots...well maybe the odd one if its funny...


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          I can see both sides of it though, true if you built a bit of a lead the opponent should have to earn the snookers. But did they earn the lead by snookering you (worse snookering yourself), foul and miss 4-5 times then you snooker them no miss called because you need snookers. Seems weird that when you need the miss rule it doesn't apply.
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