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Re-spotting the balls

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  • Re-spotting the balls

    Just watching Sean Murphy's match. Frame 3, Chang has potted the Pink, the Green spot is free but the lady referee puts the Pink in direct line between its own spot and the Black, why? I always thought that when a colour has been potted if it couldn't go back on its own spot then it has to go on the highest spot available.

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    I didn’t see it , but if that’s the case , she has made a mistake . You are correct, it should go on the highest colour spot available .
    Still trying to pot as many balls as i can !


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      having a look back through Frame 3
      I think this is what you are referring to:
      you can see the green and pink (and black) are both off their spots.
      Chang pots the long red, then pots the pink, the pink is placed on the black spot - not below its spot.
      let us know if this is the situation you saw
      Up the TSF!


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        Yes, as Dean says, the green and black spots were vacant, and therefore the pink (it's spot being occupied) had to go on the highest spot available (black).
        Duplicate of banned account deleted


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          Yes I think that that was the incident I was referring to. Sorry, my error, it really is an age thing you know!!