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rule 12. 2(b)2(ii) Snookered and free ball

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  • rule 12. 2(b)2(ii) Snookered and free ball

    For the life of me, I can't figure out what rule 2(b)2(ii) means!!
    12. Snookered After a Foul
    After a foul, if the cue-ball is snookered, the referee shall state FREE BALL.
    1. ...
    2. (b) It is a foul if the cue-ball should:
      1. (i) ....
      2. (ii) be snookered on all Reds, or the ball on, by the free ball thus
        nominated, except when the Pink and Black are the only object balls
        remaining on the table.

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    In most circumstances if you nominate a colour as a free ball then it is a foul if, by accident or design, you snooker your opponent behind that nominated ball. However, at the end of the frame when only pink and black are left on the table, then you CAN lay a snooker behind the black if you nominate as a free ball after a foul.
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      @ Londonlad147...…...when a foul like this is committed , what are the penalty points ?
      Still trying to pot as many balls as i can !


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        if I may
        11. Penalty Values
        (a) value of the ball on by:
        (viii) causing the cue ball to be snookered by the nominated free ball, except as provided for in Section 3 Rule 12(b)(ii);
        Up the TSF!


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          Thanks so much! Now it makes sense!


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            I found this link today! It's comforting to see that the pros also didn't understand the rule!!!