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  • Phoenix cue alternative

    Just wondering if anyone had any alternatives to the great phoenix cues? I've always loved them and around the ?100 Mark, it's been an ideal price for me. I've noticed my go to shop hasn't got any hand spliced ones in and the prices seemed to be around the ?200 mark now from other shops. My partner is using a Peradon 1/2 which does have a lovely feel and Rileys do have a sale on but I have heard many people say not to go with them. Does that still apply in 2019? I'm after a 3/4 most likely with a 9.5 to 10mm tip.

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    I had a Phoenix master, nice cue , but always wanted a Maximus and picked one up on eBay in near new condition for ?160, it was definitely a big step up in quality and the weighting on the cue is superb, well for me anyway ( as well as many others). They seem to have a more forward weight as oppose to simply Butt weight that makes them feel very solid and powerful cues.

    Recomended as as an upgrade.
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      I have a Thai range of cues with all cues being in the 200's depending on splice wood. The shafts are firm to stiff so a nice solid hit but you can see and read more here:
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