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  • Touching Ball

    Hi All.
    ​​​​​​Today I had an argument with my opponent.
    The cue ball was touched by a red ball (Ball-On) and I pot another red ball without moving touched ball. is it a foul?
    what's the result?

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    If, when you came to the table, the cue ball was touching a red, then, to play a legal stroke, you have to play away from that red without it moving (unless it moves simply because of a defect in the table). Provided you play away then there is no requirement to play any other ball, since you are deemed to have made contact a ball on by virtue of the touching ball. However, that also means that you can play into a colour or another red, and any red potted by doing so is part of a legal stroke and will score one point.
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      Thanks a lot.