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Ssb - legend davis tastes glory again

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  • Ssb - legend davis tastes glory again

    If you – like me – were a snooker fan in the 1980s then the sight of Steve Davis holding up a trophy is nothing new.

    Such was his dominance in that golden decade that it was more newsworthy when he failed to win a tournament than when he went home with the spoils.

    He was admired and respected but not really loved. He was too successful for many. Just too good.

    As new champions emerged – Stephen Hendry in particular – Davis had to accept that the glory days were over. He fell down the rankings but such was his stubbornness, his raging against the dying of the light, that he has managed to retain his professional status at the age of 56.

    Tonight, he won the World Seniors Championship and it is clear in the aftermath of this victory that he is no longer merely respected: he is loved.

    Steve Davis turned professional in 1978 before there was a circuit. He bestrode the snooker world when it was the most popular TV sport in Britain and he held on long after most of his old rivals had departed the stage.

    Why? Because nobody loves snooker as much as Steve. He has retained his boyish fascination for the game, for its intricacies and challenges.

    The tournament itself was at times hard to watch. These old stagers are not the players they once were. There was much playing on for snookers – inevitable in a best of three format featuring players with immense all round knowledge – and the style of snooker played was alien to modern audiences.

    However, Davis played superbly from 1-0 down to defending champion Nigel Bond in the final.

    It is his first title of any description in 15 years and his first on British TV since, against the odds, he won the 1997 Masters.

    Recently in a Sky Sports interview, Davis was asked to sum up his career. Characteristically, he put the sport first, saying how proud he was that snooker had played such an important part in the lives of so many and how it had created such golden memories.

    Snooker has seen many champions, many entertainers and many wonderful talents but Steve Davis is, and will remain, a legend: a player for whom the basic wonder of every new frame and its attendant possibilities trumps the trappings of success and celebrity every time.

    Long may he continue to play this great game. No sport could ask for a better ambassador.


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    Congrats to Steve. My favorite player ever. Great player, great person.


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      Originally posted by Csmith View Post
      Congrats to Steve. My favorite player ever. Great player, great person.
      And when will it be Sir Steve Davis I wonder?? An amazing ambassador for our glorious sport. A true gentleman and one of the best ever to play our game.
      You may defeat me but I will fight you to the very end!!!!


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        I couldn't agree more Fred....... Great win for the Nugget!!
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          just wondering if this achievment improves steves position in the greatest player stakes? i think its generally accepted that its between Hendry, Davis and ROS. i had Davis in 3rd myself but to still be playing at the standard he is at 56 is quite exceptional and to succeed in this tornament where hendry couldnt at 44... definatly making me think. i know its only best of 3s but with the increased prize money the seniors championship is becoming more than a bit of fun and in the end it still comes down to what we would compare hendry and davis on, whos the winner.
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            Such a thrill to see Steve win this last night, particularly the way he polished off those last two frames and the emotional dedication to his Dad afterwards. Reminded me of why he was and still is my snooker hero.


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              I'm so pleased for him, at 56 he still has that love for the game, an inspiration for everyone who ever picked up a cue and those who aspire of becoming a snooker player.

              i have often been to many of his qualifying matches and felt sorry for him on occasions when he has lost to some of the younger players, some of not even seen on TV yet, however his determination and enthusiam for the game is so enspiring, he doesn't need to prove anything and money is not his motive, its just his sheer love for the game that keeps him going.

              well done to him and good luck for the future.



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                Steve Davis is a true Champion great win for him and still playing on the Pro Tour at age 56

                Cheers Leonard


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                  yeap i echo all the above, he still an easy going kind of guy who you would av a pint with down the local.
                  still loves the game and long may he continue to do so and have good days in competitive play.

                  think the commentators where right when they said its not just the love of the game which has kept steve playing at the highest level, its his technique which steve and his dad bill have worked on for many years. still looks text book now.

                  just goes to show, we all need to perfect our technique and make it the best we can, no matter how much it feels uncomfortable to begin with. as it will serve you well in future years.


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                    BRILLIANT STEVE ! To be honest got a bit emotional when Steve won ! I have followed him for years, he gives hope to all us wrinklies, long may he continue. What a great example he sets for the game.
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                      I missed the final, is it on line any where?
                      Up the TSF!


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                        YES ! Type Steve Davis vs Nigel Bond 2013 into Google and there is coverage World Snooker Via Sky U Tube.


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                          I found the post interview by WS but now have found the match itself, cheers
                          Up the TSF!


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                            GREAT ! Glad I could help Steve is a real icon.


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                              My thoughts as I seen the line up for this years seniors... uh oh here it goes for steve all over again with hendry turning up on the scene..... lol

                              Well done steve, You Legend you.