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    Originally Posted by vmax View Post
    There's a real problem with it in local league as well. I've had to ask someone to turn their phone off in every match I've been involved in so far this season both as a player and a referee.
    Las week a player from the opposing team entered the snooker room and took out his phone while standing right beside the table during the first frame before he even sat down, this week it was some blokes girlfriend sat in the shadows with her face lit up bright blue texting away.
    Biggest bug is champions league on a tuesday (league night) when they're more interested in the diving prima donna's than the snooker match they're involved in.
    It's a league rule written in the rules in the fixture book that no mobile phones are allowed to be switched on in the snooker room during a match yet it's ignored. Problem with our league though is that there are rules but no penalties for any transgressions

    If was down to me any player or person attached to a snooker team whose phone is switched on or goes off during a frame would mean the immediate loss of that frame for the team they play for or are associated with. If you keep letting it go unpunished it will never go away.
    Didn't John William once say "answer that and tell them you're on your way home"
    We had a big push at our club around three years ago with notices and signs. We also discussed it at the league meeting as it was getting out of hand.

    Within a week I saw the league president using his phone right through the evening; I nudged him on it but he was back doing it a couple of games later.

    I've had it against me so many times I just sit down now and when they ask what's up I just say I was waiting for them to play snooker again.

    There are a couple of guys I don't practice with now as if they are not potting they are browsing the phone and not getting the balls out. When someone is on the phone and moving you can see the light going around like a light sabre at times.

    I agree with vmax, the only way to stop it is penalties, warnings just don't work!
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