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    been have in a go on th pause and not much diffarent from what i was doing enywhay
    so how do the back pause help people ?

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    Originally posted by kingked View Post
    been have in a go on th pause and not much diffarent from what i was doing enywhay
    so how do the back pause help people ?
    In one word, control.

    The idea is that if you pause at the back, you disconnect the backswing and the shot. This is good because it should mean you introduce less left/right/up/down movement on the shot, and you have more control.

    The reason you have more control is that you're coming to a complete stop, you're not trying to pull back, then reverse all those forces and push forward all in one go. As you pull back, you may be adding left/right/up/down movement, stopping before you start forward gives you time to correct that, without having to rush it all in on the shot.

    It's a bit like driving a car round a corner. If you loose traction and the car slides (back swing with left/right/up/down movement) you will try to correct by steering more, the car will grip and you'll end up oversteering, so you'll correct back the other way, and so on oversteer, understeer, oversteer.. it's the same thing with a cue action, making minute adjustments to keep it on line (mostly subconsciously) and trying to do it all in a rush on the shot.

    That's why the pause also works best with a slow backswing, because you have more control of a slow backswing. You can keep the cue on the correct plane, and not add left/right up/down movement. And if you do, you can adjust during the pause. Though, it might be better to get back up and reset - as you're probably not down correctly if you're adding movement on the back swing.

    After the slow backswing you pause and confirm you're still on line (by feel mostly, did the backswing feel on line? do you feel lined up with the shot?) then play the shot. The shot itself is a gradual acceleration continuing until your hand hits your chest, there is no decceleration on the shot.. it's like driving into a brick wall with your foot to the floor, in a small car that doesn't have enough power to spin the wheels, which would introduce sideways movement you're after the smoothest acceleration you can generate.
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      Well answered nrage.

      I would add one little tip which amazingly a lot of players don't do conciously and that is to CONCENTRATE ON THE RIGHT HAND, specifically the thumb and forefing (if you use that grip) during the backswing, rear pause and delivery.

      I am constantly amazed by the number of players who say they are concentrating on either the tip of the cue, the cueball or the object ball but in reality the part of the body that they should be concentrating on is the one they are actually moving with their brain and that is the grip hand.

      This will definitely make the backswing straighter, easily give a rear pause (I say easy but it doesn't work for me) and will also allow the player to concentrate on driving that grip hand through to the chest.

      To get the feeling of this try a few pots with the eyes closed and see what you concentrate on when you can't see anything. It will be the grip hand for sure

      Terry Davidson
      IBSF Master Coach & Examiner


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        Terry, this is what i am working on right now. Good to see i am not alone with this thoughts.
        When i achieved the right point on the cueball i will hit, and achieved the right point on the object ball i will hit, i try to concentrate on my grip hand and to make a straight (in every direction ) and slow backswing. The rear pause is very importend to me, during the most shots, to find the right power for the delivery. It becomes more natural with a rear pause!
        Exciting is, that i dont have to concentrate on my grip hand at the delivery, just on the backswing. At the end of the rear pause it is just very importend to make me clear: DONT MAKE ANY CHANGES IN YOUR MIND NOW!

        It is hard work to internalise this because at least this all happens in just a few seconds, but it helps to improve my game now.
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        mind control > body control > cue control > ball control