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TSB - China Open & World Championship Draws

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  • TSB - China Open & World Championship Draws

    China Open Qualifying Draw – Click Here World Snooker Championships Qualifying Draw – Click Here (PDF) World Snooker Championships Draw – Click Here


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    Nice to see that Tony Knowles is still having a go ......used to like watching him


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      As you may have noticed with every event that passes I am adding new features to the bracket system.

      I have now added qualifying stages which will be linked up more later so for instance on the World Snooker Championships brackets there will be a link to the qualifying brackets.

      Player information and images will be added to all of the brackets, at the moment I am manually putting this information in only on the main event brackets but fingers crossed by the time of The World Championships it will all be automated.

      I was thinking of taking the referee information out of the main event brackets as this is something very few look at and for events like The China Open if you are not watching it is hard to get this information from other sources.

      There will be a feature added soon that will allow people with over 1,000 posts to update the brackets if they see something is wrong or if a result has not yet been entered.

      If there is anything that you would like to see added to the brackets then please tell me below.

      Live streaming links will not be added and head to head date will be coming soon.


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        Yep its coming on nicely I'd say! One feature that would be useful would be to see is the history of the match... I.E - being able to look into the frame detail to see who took the first frame etc... maybe even who has logged that score?

        1-0 10:09 spike
        1-1 10:45 Mr P
        2-1 etc


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          Frame score details will be available soon, just waiting for SportStat on that one as they will be providing that data once each frame has finished.

          As for who has updated the brackets, there will be some kind of tracking but at what level I am not sure yet but I can not do it for who has updated a individual frame score as the input page allows for editing of the whole bracket not just individual matches.

          I am looking into the problem of multiple people editing the data, lets say I am on the editing sheet inputing a frame score and editing the schedule info and you go onto the editing page and update a frame score that I have not, then I submit the data I have just edited then the data you have edited will be lost.


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            I have Just looked at the qualifying stages for both the world championship and China open

            I have noticed that both Paul Davies and Jimmy Michie have not entered them have they both now retired from the professional circut if so does anyone know the reaon why or have any links to why they have withdrawn from the tour and events
            Ronnie O' Sullivan seven times the record breaking Snooker Master


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              I am not sure about Jimmy Michie but from a comment made on Facebook a few days ago it does look like Paul has put his cue in the rack for the last time but there is no official word on this as of yet.