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  • TSB - eBay Snooker deals, steals and fools

    They say that you can find anything on eBay but it is a case of getting a good deal which can be hard especially when it comes to Snooker items, below are some Deals, Steals and fools who think that Snooker people are stupid.


    collection of 11 snooker table nameplates in frame - eBay Link

    A nice little item if it stays under £50, not the rarest of plates but still a good collectors item.

    HIG 1147 suit Higi , Higgins , snooker player etc - eBay Link

    Well it is a deal if you are John Higgins or his biggest fan.

    GOLD VIP SNOOKER FANS MOBILE SIM CARD 07866 147 147 - eBay link

    At £220 it really is a deal, I have seen double 147 number go for alot more than this in the past, I know of one person who paid over £2,000 to have the 147147 at the end of their mobile number. or you have this one for just £150


    If you have the spare cash they you have to go for one of these steals.

    Snooker Coaching day with Matt Couch - eBay link

    A half day coaching with Matt Couch (Ranked 64) will set you back £150 and a full day £250, not a bad price to spend a full day on the baize with a progressional player.

    Brand new stunning Trevor White Snooker cue - eBay Link

    As always some good prices on Trevor White cues from ADR147, a good price considering that Andrew has these cues in his possession and you will not have to wait for Trevor to make you one which can take some time.


    Stay away from the eBay items below

    Matthew Stevens Replica Snooker Cue - eBay Link

    Matthew Stevens Replica Snooker Cue
    A quote form the listing "This cue was hand made for me by master snooker cues and cost me almost £300" emmmm well a quick tap into our friend Google and I have found this, and for only £160 brand spanking new. Still not exactly a replica as Matt's cue has a long extension which is made form wood not plastic but still a good deal.

    New Magnetic Chalk Holder Snooker/Pool/Billiard/9 Ball - eBay link

    £101.99 + £1.99 for delivery, surprisingly this guy has a 99.5% feedback but I am sure this is just a mistake as it does not say anywhere on there listing that it is made from gold.


    £94.95 for what is probably only worth at retail £29.99, here is a 6ft table for less


    In the listing it says "Other players to use this fantastic table areing Jun Wi" who is Ding Jun Wi !!! never heard of him before. I will give you another quote, this time from Mark Selby after playing on this table "It was really bad to play on, the black pocket leathers and dark cloth made it impossible to see the pockets properly" lets just hope that the sale of this table means that we will not be seeing Power Snooker in the UK again or maybe they just need the cash to pay off their debts! who knows! I nearly forgot to mention the price of £6,450, emmm the table is not a Aristocrat you can tell by the shape and so it must be a Renaissance which you can pickup for £4,200 direct from Rileys and a tin of black gloss for £4.99 form any DIY shop. I just got a email back to my enquiry about the table "Originally the table was used as Power Snooker requested a modern table with square legs, but was then completely stripped back to the bare wood and the process of a full refurbishment was undertaken." so the same table minus the black gloss and un-seeable pockets will only cost you £1,395 eBay link

    15 year old vintage pool cue - eBay link

    15 year old cue, VINTAGE!!!!!! What? and £1,500 + £5 delivery form a member without any feedback, no image of the cue and not even a decent description, I wonder if he ships to Nigeria!
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    That power snooker table is an absolute shocker.
    I love eBay and will be indebted to them for ever!.....why?....
    I was looking for table for over a year...I live in Japan, and considering the shipping costs and that it was going to be a once in a lifetime purchase, I wanted something a bit special. So I was looking for an ex-crucible table, but the ones at Riley were going for 10k, which was excessive. I also didn't want the silver leg.
    Then one day last year I came across one on eBay for 3.5k. I lot for a 2nd hand table, but it was ex Crucible arena table 2002 as well as a couple of other events that most of the top pros had been on, all rosewood not silver leg. I thought happy days, this is my baby!!!
    Anyway...cut a long story short...I shipped it in, and while it was sitting here I was browsing youTube for snooker vids and came across Ronnies 147 at LG cup. I thought hang on, my table was at 2001 LG cup!!! and checked the certificate of authenticity which said Ronnie O'Sullivan and Drew Henry had played on it. Drew Henry got knocked out in the 2nd round by Ronnie, and had beaten Jimmy in the first round who's name wasn't listed....meaning...mine was a Ronnie 147 table Probably the happiest day of my life (don't tell the wife).
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      Don't forget my issue, regarding the fibre glass case as well.


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        lol the £1500 pool cue is superb!


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          Originally posted by ADR147 View Post
          lol the £1500 pool cue is superb!
          Fedia could buy that and put a JP Ultimate badge on it ask a million Pound's


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            Originally posted by ADR147 View Post
            lol the £1500 pool cue is superb!
            Don't knock the pool cue comes with a case and 2 pieces of chalk.