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TSB - Shaun Murphy sent to jail

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  • TSB - Shaun Murphy sent to jail

    Yes it is true professional Snooker player Shaun Murphy has spent the day inside but for all the right reasons! If you want to read a obviously product placed article on his visit to Lowdham Grange Prison you can always read The Sun’s article which mentions Power Snooker no less than 5 times, wonder how more .....

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    Yup, he then came straight from there and played Nigel Bond in a charity match that the £400 he rounded up was for, he knocked in a ton first frame and then I recon eased back a little to give Bondy a chance!

    Shaun told a lot of recycled jokes and kept everybody entertained during the interval playing the piano in the entrance.

    He played one shot and duly proclaimed it to be the worst he'd ever played, I couldn't help myself and responded with "I doubt it"....
    One day I'll make a century, I've knocked in a 51!