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Tsb - ibsf adopts updated rules for billiards & snooker

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  • Tsb - ibsf adopts updated rules for billiards & snooker

    The IBSF has adopted the changes to the rules of Snooker and English Billiards announced by the WPBSA in 2011. These rule changes come into effect immediately, and will be used for all future IBSF Championships. The full listing of the updated rules can be viewed by clicking the following links for*Snooker*and*English Billiards, however the more .....

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    I would have thought that S3 r11(i) (Part of Fouls) was worthy of mention, as it gives the non-offender new choices in some circumstances.

    (i) If a striker, when snookered or hampered in any way, fouls any ball including the cueball while preparing to play a stroke, if requested by his opponent to play again, the opponent shall have the choice as to whether the ball on shall be the same as it was prior to the infringement, namely:
    (i) Any Red, where Red was the ball on;.
    (ii) The colour on where all the Reds were off the table; or either.
    (iii) A colour of the striker’s choice, where the ball on was a colour after a Red had been potted; or.
    (iv) The option of playing the next Red or Yellow when there are no Reds remaining.
    Any ball(s) moved shall be replaced to their original position(s) by
    the referee if requested by the non-offender.

    There has already been a dioscussion about this rule, here:
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