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Women's World Championships 2012

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  • Women's World Championships 2012

    THE chasing pack can smell blood as women’s snooker star Reanne Evans bids to end a nightmare season with a record eighth successive world title.

    Cambridge Snooker Centre hosts the World Ladies Billiards & Snooker Association’s World Championships, which start on Friday, April 20.

    Seven-time champion Evans saw her record 90-match winning streak ended by Maria Catalano in the Northern Championship back in September.

    Although the 26-year-old from Dudley, West Midlands, returned to winning ways in the UK Championship, she missed the next two events after being struck down by pleurisy.

    And Catalano, now ranked number one, inflicted another defeat on Evans, who has dropped to number three, in the preliminary round of the Connie Gough Memorial.

    Winner of three ranking tournaments this season, Catalano, 29, also from Dudley, must see 2012 as her best chance of fulfilling her long-held dream of a first world title.

    The WLBSA are delighted to welcome back Hong Kong quartet Jaique Ip Wan In, Yu Ching Ching, Ng On Yee and So Man Yan. And Chitra Magimairaj and Revanna Umadevi from India.

    Tatjana Vasiljeva will again team up with world number 26 Joe Perry as the Latvia/Chatteris double act chases a hat-trick of Mixed Pairs titles. Former WLBSA chairman, and now president, Mandy Fisher is also in the line-up for the opening event on Friday.

    The round-robin stage of the main competition kicks off at 10am on Saturday with the final scheduled for 2.30pm on Tuesday. Seniors play to a finish on Sunday and the Plate competition will be decided on Monday.

    Southern Classic champion Emma Bonney, the world number two from Portsmouth, could be the first to claim both the snooker and billiards crowns since Kelly Fisher in 2003. Bonney will be seeking a fifth straight billiards title on Wednesday.

    The WLBSA thanks Cambridge Snooker Centre for hosting the events.

    WLBSA World Championships
    Friday, April 20, to Wednesday, April 25
    Cambridge Snooker Centre
    Coldhams Road
    CB1 3EW
    Tel: 01223 249661

    MIXED PAIRS: Tatjana Vasiljeva & Joe Perry
    WORLD SENIORS: June Banks
    WORLD BILLIARDS: Emma Bonney


    Reanne Evans (Dudley, West Mids)
    Maria Catalano (Dudley, West Mids)
    Emma Bonney (Portsmouth)
    Katie Henrick (Bickley, Kent)
    Eva Palmius (Isleham, Cambs)
    Jenny Poulter (Maidstone)
    Chris Sharpe (Chelmsford)
    Marianne Williams (Smallfield, Surrey)
    Gaye Jones (Melksham, Wilts) Seniors only
    Tina Owen-Sevilton (Taunton)
    Natascha Niermann (Cambridge)
    Naomi Clare (Ripley, Derbys)
    Maureen Rowland (Wallsend, Tyne & Wear)
    Jasmine Bolsover (Woking)
    Jan Hughes (St Neots, Cambs)
    Tatjana Vasiljeva (Latvia)
    Chitra Magimairaj (India)
    Revanna Umadevi (India)
    Yu Ching Ching (Hong Kong)
    Jaique Ip Wan In (Hong Kong)
    So Man Yan (Hong Kong)
    Ng On Yee (Hong Kong)
    Vicky Carter (Sandy, Beds)
    Suzie Opacic (Brambridge, Hants)
    Martina Lumsden (Eastbourne)
    Mandy Fisher (Wisbech, Cambs) Mixed Pairs only
    Fran Calvert (Lowestoft) Mixed Pairs only


    Emma Bonney (Portsmouth)
    Chitra Magimairaj (India)
    Eva Palmius (Isleham, Cambs)
    Tina Owen-Sevilton (Taunton)
    Gaye Jones (Melksham, Wilts)
    Maureen Rowland (Wallsend, Tyne & Wear)
    Revanna Umadevi (India)

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    Where can the draw and results be viewed ?


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      Tatjana Vasiljeva and Joe Perry completed a hat-trick of Mixed Pairs titles in the opening event of the women’s world championships in Cambridge today.

      Rumour has it they were going to have the trophy for six months each but the cost of postage from Chatteris to Latvia proved to be a major hurdle.


      QUARTER-FINALS: Natascha Niermann & Will Scott beat Mandy Fisher & Phil Mumford 3-2, Tatjana Vasiljeva & Joe Perry beat Fran Calvert & Aidan Owens 3-1, Vicky Carter & Rob Shirley beat Jasmine Bolsover & Gavin Bolsover 3-1, Emma Bonney & Nigel Ward beat Jan Hughes & David Pyke 3-0.

      SEMI-FINALS: Vasiljeva & Perry beat Niermann & Scott 3-0, Bonney & Ward beat Carter & Shirley 3-1.

      FINAL: Vasiljeva & Perry beat Bonney & Ward 3-0.


      The draw has been made for the weekend’s round-robin groups.

      Matches will be played at 10am, noon and 3pm on Saturday and 10am and noon on Sunday. Top four seeds in brackets.

      GROUP 1
      Maria Catalano (1)
      Marianne Williams
      Tatjana Vasiljeva
      Yu Ching Ching
      Jasmine Bolsover
      Eva Palmius

      GROUP 2
      Reanne Evans (3)
      Revanna Umadevi
      Naomi Clare
      Chris Sharpe
      Jenny Poulter
      So Man Yan

      GROUP 3
      Vicky Carter (4)
      Suzie Opacic
      Ng On Yee
      Martina Lumsden
      Maureen Rowland
      Jaique Ip Wan In

      GROUP 4
      Emma Bonney (2)
      Chitra Magimairaj
      Katie Henrick
      Natascha Niermann
      Tina Owen-Sevilton
      Jan Hughes

      Tim Dunkley (WLBSA press officer)


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        Are there videos of some (or all) of the games? x


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          Sadly not.


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            Thanks for the update Tim
            You're damned if you do and you're damned if you don't


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              none of the german women who played in the ptcs last season ie elizabeth bins?
              Goddess Of All Things Cue Sports And Winner Of The 2012 German Masters and World Open Fantasy Games and the overall 2011-12 Fantasy Game


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                Too bad. What a shame, I really want to see it

                But yea, thank you for the update


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                  Will the offical website and twitter be updated again? I've been waiting for a year.

                  Another question: Will WLBSA expand the Asia/Oceania or Europe market? I don't think that the recent professional tour could survive with just 20-30 players.


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                    I understand that the website is being re-developed ready for June/July.
                    You're damned if you do and you're damned if you don't


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                      Originally posted by wyt147 View Post
                      I understand that the website is being re-developed ready for June/July.
                      Thank you.


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                        THE top four seeds are safely through to the knockout stage of the women’s world championships at Cambridge Snooker Centre.

                        World number one Maria Catalano dropped just one frame in the round-robin stages to book a last-16 date with number four seed Vicky Carter, who qualified fourth in her group.

                        Seven-time world champion Reanne Evans won all five of her matches but dropped three frames. She faces India’s Chitra Magimairaj.

                        Emma Bonney, the only player yet to lose a frame, meets Chris Sharpe.

                        Group C winner Ng On Yee, one of four Hong Kong women in the last-16, takes on her compatriot Yu Ching Ching.

                        ROUND-ROBIN BREAKS

                        Maria Catalano: 80, 51, 49, 48, 40, 35, 31.
                        Reanne Evans: 76, 60, 56, 55, 35, 32.
                        Ng On Yee: 64, 54, 47, 44, 44, 33, 31, 30.
                        Chitra Magimairaj: 56, 54.
                        So Man Yan: 56, 41, 30.
                        Tatjana Vasiljeva: 50, 33, 31.
                        Yu Ching Ching: 50.
                        Emma Bonney: 48, 47, 41, 36, 32.
                        Chris Sharpe: 47.
                        Jaique Ip Wan In: 43.
                        Jenny Poulter: 41.
                        Marianne Williams: 32
                        Vicky Carter: 31, 30.

                        KNOCKOUT DRAW
                        LAST-16 (10am, Mon, April 23): Maria Catalano (Dudley, West Mids) v Vicky Carter (Sandy, Beds), Eva Palmius (Isleham, Cambs) v Suzie Opacic (Brambridge, Hants), Tatjana Vasiljeva (Latvia) v Jaique Ip Wan In (Hong Kong), Yu Ching Ching (Hong Kong) v Ng On Yee (Hong Kong), Reanne Evans (Dudley, West Mids) v Chitra Magimairaj (India), So Man Yan (Hong Kong) v Natascha Niermann (Cambridge), Jenny Poulter (Maidstone) v Katie Henrick (Bickley, Kent), Chris Sharpe (Chelmsford) v Emma Bonney (Portsmouth).

                        SENIORS DRAW
                        QUARTER-FINALS (Sun, April 22): Maureen Rowland (Wallsend, Tyne & Wear) v Eva Palmius (Isleham, Cambs), Jan Hughes (St Neots, Cambs) v Revanna Umadevi (India), Chris Sharpe (Chelmsford) v Jenny Poulter (Maidstone). Bye: Martina Lumsden (Eastbourne).

                        PLATE DRAW
                        QUARTER-FINALS (9.30am, Mon, April 23): Martina Lumsden (Eastbourne) v Tina Owen-Sevilton (Taunton), Maureen Rowland (Wallsend, Tyne & Wear) v Jan Hughes (St Neots, Cambs), Marianne Williams (Smallfield, Surrey) v Revanna Umadevi (India). Bye: Naomi Clare (Ripley, Derbys).


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                          If possible I would like to know all group stage results of Vasiljeva.
                          Thank You.


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                            Tatjana Vasiljeva lost 3-0 to Maria Catalano and 3-0 to Eva Palmius. She beat Marianne Williams 3-0, Jasmine Bolsover 3-0 and Yu Ching Ching 2-1.



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                              Originally posted by snookerdad View Post
                              Tatjana Vasiljeva lost 3-0 to Maria Catalano and 3-0 to Eva Palmius. She beat Marianne Williams 3-0, Jasmine Bolsover 3-0 and Yu Ching Ching 2-1.

                              Thank You, Tim