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    Have anyone tried this game? You can download it for free from and play snooker online. It's great 3D snooker/pool simulator with really nice graphic and great gameplay. Honestly, it's the best snooker I've ever played. I am just addicted to this game. It might seem really difficult as for beginers, and a lot of practice is needed to play on average level... I've spent on it more than 100 hours and I am not able to make a break over 70. The game has a few disadventages like side spins (don't work really correctly) or no miss rule but it's still the best snooker game for me, maybe because of it's difficulty which is somehow close to real snooker. Try it, you won't be dissapointed

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    Hi I have this on my PC and I agree it is fantastic, the way you aim by viewing your line of sight in the little window should be wha all snooker games use. It ensures you have to judge how much of a ball to hit.


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      Indeed. I was playing that game long before I started playing snooker for real and I think this game somehow helped me in real snooker, at least it improved my aiming and made my start a bit easier.


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        I'm going to download it now... I will tell you what I think.
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          Anybody playing this? It's free to download, give it a go!


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            8 ball pool mod apk free download is a very sporting game. If you talk about youth, they like to play such a game.