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Looking for a console snooker game with more difficulty levels

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  • Looking for a console snooker game with more difficulty levels

    I used to play World Snooker Championship 2005 on the PSP all the time (using the medium aiming aid), until I got to a point where I could beat all the AI players in the game every time, which took the fun out of it. So I tried playing with a low aiming aid, but that took the overhead aiming aid arrows away completely, which meant that I couldn't even beat the lowest ranking AI players, or play anything like a professional.

    So I'm wondering, is there is a console snooker game out there which has more than just 3 options when it comes to the aiming aid settings? Had there been an option WSC 05 to have shorter overhead aiming arrows in WSC 05 then it would have been perfect for me, but because there isn't, the only option now is for me to play with a medium aid, but playing doubles with an AI player in order to make it harder. But that's not as fun. Any suggestions?

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    Have you tried Hustle Kings on the PS3? It's a pool game with a snooker DLC add-on. It's quite different from the WSC series, good though. It costs about £8 for the gane and the add-on, which is very good value.

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      Thanks, I'll give that a look now.

      Any other suggestions anyone? Incidentally I should have mentioned that I don't mind old snooker games either.