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  • WSC 2004 / 2005 / Real 09

    Hi Everybody,

    I have these 3 Games by Blade on my PC:
    WSC 2004 / 2005 / Real09 (while 2004 and 2005 are almost the same gameplay-wise)

    Did you also notice, that the AI Opponents are extremely difficult?

    For Instance: I play the Tour, and the very first game (which is some qualifier against an AI Opponent like Kurt Maflin or Jow Joiga) is already as hard as it can be.
    I can break off, bring the cueball straight to baulk, one red stands a little apart from the pack, and the Opponent does a "Judd Trump" and pots it bang in the heart of the pocket, making a 30+ break of it before finally missing one.
    Of course he didn't leave me anything on, so safety it is, I miss my wanted spot by 2 inches, leaving my opponent a difficult pot...which he of course sinks in like it is nothing, making another 30+ break ... frame over.

    Is this normal? I expect these type of opponents in a big final, but not in some qualifier. This is a real bummer, because the game itself is actually great, although the aiming line is not easy to judge...

    What are your experiences and do you have any hints or links that I should look at?

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    Well, I tried Real 09, but it was so poor that I dropped it immediately, so I can only speak for WCS 2004...

    In my experience, the early-round opponents are quite pathetic, and can't seem to make more than 8 points at a time. They give you chance after chance, so safety is not really important. Then you have the top4, and it's the opposite story. They basically clear the table from any chance, so it's important to get in first.

    The AI is not done all that well, so if you really want to win matches, there are easy exploits to use. If you get the white past the baulk line, a computer opponent will sometimes refuse a pot that a human would never miss. On the other hand, if you don't leave distance between the balls, they could go for risky pots that split the reds everywhere. If you're playing the likes of O'Sullivan or Williams, they will almost always get them. I suppose the easiest way to play safety is not to bring any reds out of the pack, and just wait for the computer to do it.

    I don't know if you've ever played against human opponents, but it's a completely different game. I have played in an online league for the past year, and I have to say it's been tremendous fun. It would be nice to have some more players. Take a look at this thread if you're interested:


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      the best cue sports game around IMHO is Virtual Pool, I've been playing it since 1995 and adore it completely. The latest incarnation is not my favourite as the front end is a bit of a pain but Virtual Pool Hall (Virtual Pool 2.5) is my favourite although you may have trouble tracking down a copy.

      VP3 DL can be found here

      Here are some Youtube vids of the game in action


      9 Ball


      8 Ball


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        Thanks for the link, I already knew about the thread but the last post was from July so I didn't think this was still up and running
        Momentarily I play online snooker via PopGameBox, quite nice, the ball physics are okay, but very hard to judge the right pace. And with the spin: Not as accurate: For instance, if you aim for a stun shot (slightly below middle), the cueball already behaves like a screw shot ;-)

        Just answered to the topic you mentioned, let's see, thanks again


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