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  • iSnooker - could've been great

    This is the one everyone recommends when anyone comes to this section asking for a good, free snooker sim, but it's just too flawed. The ball-on-cushion sound effect is awful, the aiming is unpredictable (if you try to clip a ball thinly, you'll miss completely, despite the aiming guides showing that you're hitting it), but worst of all - the most unforgivable element of this game, and the one that turns me off most, is the fact the when playing a human opponent online, the frame automatically ends when a player requires snoookers. For instance, in the game I've just played, my opponent potted frame ball, but then missed his next. This left me needing just one snooker, but because I was more points behind than were available on the table, the game defaults to 'Game Over' and starts the next game. Ridiculous!

    Oops! Just noticed the sticky thread for this game. Sorry, mods.
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