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    Anyone know of useful snooker/pool apps to use when playing snooker? For recording stats etc?

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    Just found this

    Keep track of your practice routine development and you can easily make your own routines.
    Best of all it's free!
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      has loads of features, is free as well

      not sure about practise routines though
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        Originally posted by DeanH View Post
        has loads of features, is free as well

        not sure about practise routines though
        I use My Snooker Stats. Works great and keeps all kinds of stats but nothing on practice routines.
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          I use mysnookerstats to keep score of matches. Problem for me is that my training is 90% solo and only 10% match.
          It's hard to keep motivation and concentration up, so keeping track of development and setting goals is what I'm looking in an app.
          Would be great to get a group (hunt for the first 50/100 break) to practice with the same format and post screenshots and thoughts about development.
          That's where I see becoming a useful tool.


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            Try this out if anyone has an iPhone

            Actually I have to own up as being the developer. Its a hobby of mine.

            Its free, but I'd love feedback on what can be done to improved upon it.


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              I know this thread is a bit dead but just wondered if anyone happened to have the installation ipa file for the Snooker Coaching School app that used to be available on the app store? It was basically the Stephen Rowlings CD-ROM as an app and I really wish I had downloaded it back in the day so that I could use it from my iPad at the local snooker club.