Hey Mudza, glad to see you're back.

I still think your bridge hand is a bit far from the cue ball, but given your position in the second video, I don't think you can get much closer. I think the main thing to work on is delivery, as everyone else has said. When you feather, you're feathering up to about 2 inches away from the cue ball. That isn't necessarily good preparation for your stroke/delivery. Start feathering closer to the cue ball without touching it; remember that some top players have fouled the cue ball from feathering so closely. You feathered at about the right distance in the first video.

You've slowed down the speed of your stroke quite a bit, which is good. Now, I suggest you start trying to cue without getting your hand to hit your body too much. Some people here have suggested holding the cue a bit closer to the end of the butt; that may work. However, as you said

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i have to change the angle formed by my arm and my body
and if am i need a power in a shot i have to move my bridge and my grip litle back...
The angle must change, yes. When You're cueing in the second video, your arm, when brought back with the cue, is at a //| angle. It should be going back a bit farther, increasing the angle. Your cue should hit the ball just after your arm comes into alignment with your body || or is straight/perpendicular. Lastly, your arm is being brought into your body too son because, as people have said, you're dropping your shoulder. The angle of your arm should be able to go past |\\ without hitting your body first.

Try practicing cueing with a shorter follow-through first, and keep your shoulder still, and get used to your elbow swinging like a pendulum. Then, later, increase your follow through. This will be helped if you can move your bridge a bit closer to the cue ball, because you won't need as much follow through. Forget trying high power shots until you get used to the motion on soft or medium shots. For reference, check out some videos of Mark Allen, and see what he does for normal shots.

Also, do the cueing down the spots exercise. It'll help you cue straighter. That's the most important part of power shots, is hitting the cue ball well, not just hard or fast.