I am new here. I started playing snooker roughly 3 months ago and I am playing/practicing roughly 3 times a week. I am really enjoying it and I am pretty competitive so anything I do I want to improve.
I have been been practicing getting my cueing straight recently and working on getting my left shoulder (I am right handed) down on to the table and everything in line.
Everyone at the club says I get over the cue nicely and have a very decent stance for a beginner. My problem is I often miss straight shots when practicing to the right of the pocket.
I am slowing down my backswing and I am just wondering what some things this missing to the right could be. I understand its hard to tell without video or anything but just some ideas?
I know I have a bit of a problem with tightening grip during the stroke so I am working on that.

Its weird because I will hit 6 into the middle of the pocket nicely and feels great then miss 5 in a row and nothing feels different to the strokes that hit dead centre.

any ideas are appreciated.