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Thread: Have you heard of this? If so, - how does it work for you?

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    Default Have you heard of this? If so, - how does it work for you?

    Recenly - we've been trying out something referred to us by a friend who said it had really helped his game . So we tried it over weekend and then wrote a post on it on the SnookerZone blog...

    Is there anyone who uses this and how does it work for you?

    Read what it's all about on the link below...
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    It's basically said about 3rd pause(according to Terry's 4 pause theory) right before the delivery, which not only servers direction transition of cue movement, also works for the last focus before pulling the trigger.

    I found it's so true about the factor in this article that people didn't give enough focus of a few extra seconds/milliseconds under pressure. Me falls in that category as well.
    When I was under pressure or simply feel fired, I always messed up at very 1st pause at getting down the shot. Most of time I found it's NOT enough for me to have same amount of front pause under pressure than in practice PSR. I just needed more time to focus the contact on the very first beginning. If this bit wasn't right, I definitely would have doubt later in process then causing twitchy. But sometimes you just couldn't focus enough because of being tired at all...

    Pause is important.

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