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  • the best make of chalk

    hi everyone i am new here so firstly i would like to say hello and happy new year!!

    my question is which is the best brand of snooker chalk to use or what are the differences if any?


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    Hello mrichbell, welcome to the forum and enjoy your stay with us.

    You will find that most people on here and all of the professionals use Triangle Chalk.


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      find master chalk (green, similar to triangle chalk) works better. consistently better. triangle chalk sometimes too dry or hard.


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        Welcome to the TSF Forum mrichbell and Happy New Year.

        The Best Chalk in the UK by Far is the...

        Genuine Light Green Triangle Chalk - Which 99% of People Use Including Pro's.



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          many thanks all

          just purchased 12 peices from ebay


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            My chalk choice

            I've only used Master Chalk and Triangle Chalk and i like the Triangle more overall, but when the tip is new i feel that i get more movement on the cueball with Master Chalk.

            And i've seen Anda Zhang use Master Chalk...



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              Never even seen any Master Chalk! So not had the chance to try it out.

              Maybe when I was in my teens, we used some other chalk occasionally, but do not remember what it was.


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                nowt wrong with master chalk...same company i believe to triangle

                seems to stick nice to my kamuii tip better


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                  The old green triangle chalk stuck to the tip better than the light stuff . Cant seem to get any these days


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                    Originally posted by hotpot View Post
                    The old green triangle chalk stuck to the tip better than the light stuff . Cant seem to get any these days
                    hi hotpot, the dark green ones by Triangle really do stick better, don't they? more gritty and rarely leave chalk marks on the cue ball... i don't see them around anymore too, probably out of production... i have only 2 new cubes left and will be using them most sparingly...

                    the next best chalk for me is still Triangle though.
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                      I use the light green Triangle chalk,I think its the best although sometimes I think it can be a psychologicl thing too????


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                        master chalk same color as the triangle one (light green) grips more, and u get more consistency. in a box of 12 triangle, i find only 2 or 3 come off easy n grip well. i play with really hard pro granite tips and i find its best with master chalk. same with hard tips in general. if u play with hard tips, giv them a try. u wont b dissapointed.


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                          hotpot, what do you call the old Triangle chalk? I have some old Triangle that was made before Tweeten made it. It is made by either Kieckhefer or Kleckhefer MNFG Co.


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                            First chalk I used was the dark blue bce stuff used to get everywhere then tried lep chalk then quickly onto the triangle and been using it ever since I also haven't seen or heard of master might look out for a cube of that.


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                              It was still made by Tweetens Acrowot but the texture and colour was different . From what i can gather they had to change around 8 years ago for something to do with health and safety .

                              It was a lot darker , not so powdery and imo it stuck much better .

                              In fact i,ve still got the odd block here and it covers a Talisman tip better than the light stuff .
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