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Century titanium ferrule

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  • Century titanium ferrule

    Has anyone tried the century titanium ferrules? If so what did you think of them? Did it change the hit? Did it lessen throw off with side? Does it wear down through numerous retips?

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    Not seen these , I will have a search .

    got a new cue yet Fraser ?
    Still trying to pot as many balls as i can !


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      Going to greenbaize this weekend hopefully to sort one out I think


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        Friend of mine has one fitted. He was showing me what it's like. He played a straight ball with loads of screw and side and he lined it up straight and didn't allow for deflection and potted it in the heart of the pocket.

        I had a go and it works but it does play tricks with your mind cos your thinking I should be allowing for throw here. Suppose you'd get use to it quickly.

        They do seem good although they are shorter than a standard brass ferrule so will reduce the length of your cue but you're only talking about 5-10mm
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          They r 6mm in height the titanium ones, that's pretty much the height of any brass ferrule I've had so wouldn't really lose anything as long as it was able to fit onto the same stem