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    I have been using one piece Trevor White cue for years and would like to switch to 3/4 cue for convenience of transport.
    Need advice if a 3/4 cue can be even balanced and weight to be around 17.3Oz. Shaft to be firm, but not stiff. Is it possible to create? Because the joint will affect the balance itself.
    Been looking for one, but most cues i have tried are forward balanced.

    Any good cue maker for recommendation?

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    Your one piece can be split to a 3/4 with the joint at the balance point and it will feel just the same as it does now even though the joint will add about an ounce in weight.
    On the other hand it would be worth money to someone looking for a TW one piece but if your own game is your priority and you like your present cue then get it split. I had my one piece split a few years ago and don't regret it, plays and feels just the same.
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