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    Hello. Im newbie, just purchased snooker table & ordered strachan superfine bed and tournament for cushions. Can anyone, please, give some advice, how often to iron it, which temperature? (Special iron set tools hard to find in my country, so, i can use only regular iron, can measure temperature). Does it need heating and how long it will last, is it durable or not? I will be grateful for any advice

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    I think Danger Steve has the super fine cloth on his table, hopefully he can give you some advice.
    This is how you play darts ,MVG two nines in the same match!


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      I have the Hainsworth equivalent in the match cloth ,and because there is something like a 5% nylon content you have to be a bit more careful ironing it .Superfine is 100% pure wool ,temperature remains the same for ironing same as it would be for no 10 or 6811 .it’s not recommended to use a normal iron but if you must ,test it on newspaper first ,these household irons won’t hold the heat long enough to do the table in one go so it will be to probably be needed to be plugged in again to get the heat back up to do the table again starting from the other side .Snooker cloths wear depending on how much use they get ,on average with say a match or superfine in a private room should get over a year of good use maybe 18 months if your lucky .Heavier cloths last longer but you can’t have both speed and durability .brush block and iron the table regularly,change the spots every month and it should last and play well for a decent time .Get a proper iron as soon as possible .


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        Thank you very much for your responces. I will try to find proper iron my table will be streched with that cloth. Do i need to iron it before first use?


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          The table fitter will usually bring their own iron and give it maybe a couple passes before you start to use it. Get a proper iron for snooker tables when you can, I’ve never used a cloths iron so can’t really comment on the best way to use one.

          The superfine itself is surprisingly durable for such a thin cloth! I’ve had mine on now for around 8 months and it’s only now showing some wear around the black spot and a hint of track line into the black corner pockets. I use my table probably 2 hours a day on average so it doesn’t get the same level of abuse as a club table.

          If your table is in a well insulated, dry building or home then heaters are not necessary, but they can make playing on the table a nice experience and I think they do help the table to play consistent and slightly faster. If your table is in an environment where the temperature can fluctuate and humidity is high then I think table heaters really work well at keeping the table playing very nicely! Worth bearing in mind if you have a room with aircon and a heated table they do kind of fight against each other, so there is a bit of trial and error to find the perfect settings for your room.

          Depending on what chalk you use will dictate how often you brush the table, if using something messy like triangle you will probably be brushing the table a couple of time a day (depending on use). If using Taom then really you can get away with minimal brushing! Just give the table a pass with a blocking tool instead to remove any residue, dust or fingerprints. I usually brush mine either the day I’m about to play or every other day if it’s not had much use! *Tip: Remember to gently brush and block your cushions too! But make sure you go with the nap! Doing this will remove any chalk that gets onto the cushion which causes those weird bounces!

          Where in the world are you?


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            Thank you so much for your advices! I live in russia and snooker is not popular at all here. In my city 1.3m population there is only 1 snooker table in 1 club. So, hard to find proper equipment for it. The fitter, said that during 15 years of his work it is just 3rd snooker table he assemble. Luckily, I found this forum where there is really a lot of useful information. Thanks a lot for the tips and advice!