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Other uses for table cloths

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  • Other uses for table cloths

    Maybe a bit of a light hearted one but what uses has anybody found for old table cloths or offcuts of new ones? I suppose I ought to start the ball rolling.

    My son took an offcut and stuck circles under chess men. It is a big improvement. I have a piece which I use to cover a table when we are playing cards.

    It makes a very classy looking underneath for anything heavy that goes on a table where you want a non scratch base. Also a good lining for a box to hold stuff. I used to buy a brand of wine which came in cases holding 2 bottles. Lined with cloth they made a nice medicine chest and other things as well.

    Snooker related glue some to a piece of balustrade to make a good table block.

    There was an episode of porridge I think where somebody was escaping. The cloth went missing off the table and the guy made his break wearing a green suit rather than his prison uniform.

    Any others?

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    Used a few old snooker skins to make some card tables.


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      Crumbs that was fast. They do look good don't they? Also a worn cloth can be more in keeping with an older table- doesn't look so glaringly repro.


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        yep, in the far distant past, I used an offcut for bases on some chess pieces I made, still got them
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          My tack bag which I still have is made from a piece of an old bed cloth, also have a couple of blocks covered in cloth which I used to use to rest cushions on when working on them.
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