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Supreme Winner Pool tables: What cloth do they use?

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  • Supreme Winner Pool tables: What cloth do they use?

    Hi all!

    Trying to find out what cloth is used on the Supreme Winner Pool tables. I'm talking the wool type not nylon.

    My local club table is due to be recovered (currently Nylon) and I would like to get it done with exactly the same cloth as the Supremes.

    Also, do most Rileys club tables use the Aramith Premier or standard range 2" pool balls?


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    Strakern are the main cloths for pool


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      Do you mean Strachan? If so which cloth, they do a few different types.


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        6811 pool would give a good performance with hard wearing.
        The Tournament high performance but not as hard wearing.
        Up the TSF!


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          pretty sure hainsworth are the cloths being used. i think its the hainsworth tournament match cloth. about £90 to buy


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            I must admit I prefer Hainsworth as they tend not to stretch as much as Strachan.
            A year or so ago, we had our league table reclothed with Strachan, half way through the season we had it replaced with Hainsworth as when you put you hand down on the table a large wave of cloth would form when the player slide their hand
            May have been a one off problem with a particular roll of cloth as the same fitter came back and said he had redone many table which had been done with that roll.
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              Supreme are covered in Strachan 777 unless 6811 is specified. Part of the problem with pool cloth is the method of fixing. Some fitters use spray adhesive. This dries out and the cloth can become detached from the slate causing the slackness mentioned in earlier post. I always use Thixotropic contact adhesive which is what the manufacturers use. Once this has stuck it doesnt budge. Never had a call back with loose cloth since using this. Takes a bit longer to cover but for the peace of mind its worth it.


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                All Heywood tables are covered in Strachan West of England 6811. I will find out for you what grade. I believe it is called 6118 Pool but will double check.

                If they are playing on Supreme Winners or Prince tables in Rileys the balls will be Aramith as they come packaged up with all the Supreme tables. If you can get hold of them now I would buy the Standard balls (white box) but these are being phased out by Aramith. If not, you can get the premier which are usually about £10-£15 more expensive. The only differences are very minor blemishes (You can't even see them IMO), not any shape issues or distortion. 9 times out of 10 manufacturers bundle up the White Box Aramith. Aramith are phasing them out of putting restrictions on buying them because everyone wants the White boxes and no one is paying top dollar for the green box (premier balls).

                IMO Hainsworth cloth is a lot slower to play on. It is excellent quality though and would probably withstand a battering in a commercial environment from what i've seen of it. But if you want to keep it as it is on the Supreme tables, you need to get 6811 Pool.


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                  Cheers all


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                    as standard they have west of england strachan cloth in what they call tournament quality....


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                      The reason for asking about the cloth is that I started playing county this season and we play on Supreme Winners. In my local league there is only one Supreme and its got a speed cloth, as do all the other tables. Basically I'm trying to get the table in my local club re-clothed with the same cloth I play on in my monthly county games. I use the local club table for practice regularly and think it would be advantageous to be able to practice on the same cloth.

                      There have been many suggestions in this thread which has left me a little confused. Which cloth should I be asking for?

                      On the balls I'm presuming most Rileys clubs have the standard 'white box' Aramith balls then? I recently found a set of Premier 'Green box' 2" reds and yellows in a local charity shop. They were filthy and some appear to have tiny scratches but I think they will polish up well. Planning to get some of the Aramith ball restorer and polish plus a Pro Cup cue ball so I can use them for practice. The balls in my club table don't get looked after and have become dull. I'm getting kicks quite often too.


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                        Im guessing I want the one at the top of this page then?



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                          good one in this regard.


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                            It is Strachan cloth , I picked two tables up today , Strachan cloth is available for UK Pool tables in about 4 grades here is a link to the Strachan grades and what they are intended for .


                            Supreme offer Purple and black cloth as a colour option then the type of cloth used will be 6811 tournament , the others are only available in 4 colours and purple or black is not one of them.

                            I read somewhere that Supreme use a rubber on the cushions now that is made by northern rubber owned by Hainsworth . which is a big improvement on the imported rubber that they used to use , the old red rubber went rock hard the blue rubber is a little better , but the Black rubber they use now has only been used for a couple of years so too early to form an opinion of that rubber . but early signs are good.
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                              Supreme Winner Pool tables: What cloth do they use?

                              Used lots, never stray from hainsworth now. Best cloth by leagues. The balls maintain a predictable speed through the shot and don't sharply decelerate in the last 8 inches like on many other brands.