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    Originally posted by jrc750 View Post
    Makes you wonder how people are taken in by these things doesn't it !
    Greed ,pure and simple.
    This is how you play darts ,MVG two nines in the same match!


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      Yes my email got hacked , they are using a Genuine BT contact page copied from BT and exact in every detail , the problem is BT yahoo is changing over to BT mail and every one must change over manually using the sign in box with your password . so the hackers are sending an official looking email out but my spam filter let it through where in the past it stops them ?

      Thus me being a bit thick filled it in thinking it was from BT and hey presto they had control of my email .
      It took two days to get it back , and 2 attempts by BT to erase him from my email account as he took control for a second time .
      another problem with BT is you have an Indian call centre , although the first person I spoke to was very good and I understood him perfectly .
      But he did not do his job right as the hacker still got back in , the second person from the Indian call centre said he was getting in from the still listed email that I had not deleted in my inbox , so we took every BT inbox email I had off the system , and also deleted many contacts over 400 to be exact .
      Sorry if anyone thought I had been Held up by Abdul and his gang and robbed and I promise to pay anyone back once Abdul has returned your money if they catch him .
      Seriously though did anyone fall for it ?
      a quick read of my web page would have shown That I was still in the Uk as I put regular write ups about work I am doing , if I am on holiday or working outside the UK even up in Scotland I always leave a message on the web site saying where I am ,

      Like this

      Last edited by Geoff Large; 19 November 2013, 03:29 PM.


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        Yes I sent him eight grand to ensure your safe return but if you want you can just get and install me a Star table and we will call it straight.


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          Originally posted by Byrom View Post
          Yes I sent him eight grand to ensure your safe return but if you want you can just get and install me a Star table and we will call it straight.
          The Hacker told me he had added another three noughts to your cheque transfer and thanks you very much and he will buy you a star table out of his loose change !
          Seriously though it was not funny for me , having to fight to get control of an email address that I use for business as well as personal use , then thinking if he got into my PC he will also have access to Bank account etc , so had to change all security not only for my emails but for many other things that I sign into on my PC.
          I was assured he could not get into such things but with today's scammers you never know .


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            Yes sorry only joking Geoff I feel for you really - but you have sorted it and have closed it down so lesson learned - I know how much of a pain this can be - there are some sad people out there and this is a warning to everyone to be aware of scammers and people trying to take your money -

            I once had my wallet and all my credit cards stolen in the shopping centre - My wife went nuts and told me to ring the police but I never bothered reporting it stolen or changing my numbers - because the guy that stole it was spending less than she did.


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              Can see that being a right pain ......bloody nightmare if you had to change your business details . Glad its all sorted .
              Still trying to pot as many balls as i can !


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                My name is being abdul. I am having hacked into TSF id of esteemed contributor Philip in China, who is jolly good chap.

                My friends and I of "Popular front for Snooker Jihad" are having kidnapped one Barry Hearn. If you are not sending me lots of money I am going to release him. Please to PM me for bank account details where you must be sending said dosh. Remember we can release him any minute now.