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    Hi guys, just got round to seeing all your replys, Thank you very much, I really appreciate you all giving me all the help and advice. Can I ask, I am trying to build a snooker room 24x18 or so, my garden is on a slope, instead of me having to dig it all out level for a concrete base, can I ask? if I dig out 8inches or so for concrete at, lets say 13 x 7 for table to sit on, can I then build the shed 24x18 or 20ft round the concrete base and then have my floor in 8x4 ft x maybe 19mm boards, put the wooden floor at same level of base, and on slight stilts where needed maybe 2 or 3 ft where needed. The height will be 8ft as maxium you can build in NI without Planning Permission is 8.2metres. Hopefully this maks sense, Cheers, Pat