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Balls jump when they hit cushions

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  • Balls jump when they hit cushions

    as said in title, balls jump after hitting the cushion when I hit a little bit pacy.
    So my question is : Should I change the cushions' rubber or just the cloth?
    Thank you
    PS: i've got a 12ft wiraka table

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    This problem may be neither. Usually this trait is common on non steel block cushion tables, when the cushion supporting wood becomes loose or warped. If the cloth is due a replace make sure these are checked for rigidness by the fitter when he does the job .
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      I've heard somewhere before that the cushion height maybe causing the problem.
      Other reasons would be dirty/greasy balls and or dirty cloth. I suggest getting some cloth cleaner. Also wipe the cushions down with slightly soapy water on a beer towel rung out. In addition, washing the balls frequently in warm soapy water then rinse them and dry. See if this helps before anything else.
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        Any more info on the table? Is it a home table? How long have you owned it? Has it just started bouncing? What type of cushions does it have? Steel/wood? When was it last set-up? When was the last re-cloth?


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          Worn cushion cloth where nap has worn down to weave is the main problem for this , or sweat grease on lower face of cushion flat face .

          clean or re-cloth cushions .

          if it is a low block and rubber height you can fix by having a strip of cloth stapled under the cushion before re-clothing to lift cushion height a fraction , that is the low cost option

          the expensive option is to re block and re-rubber .