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2019 German Masters

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    Anyone know what happened to Gilbert's hand? Looks like he has scraped it or hit something or had something hit it.


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      Knowing Dave, he probably fell over on the razzle!

      I'm gutted for him, Kyren's moved up a gear or two... I think Gilb should have taken the black in the middle when he was 7:6 up instead of pushing it safe... By not knocking it in, he gave Kyren a hare to chase and he lives for moments like that on the table.


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        Wilson found something after the mid session interval. Good game


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          Nice to see Kyren Wilson finally winning another big title, after just missing out on a number of occasions over the past year and a half. That clearance to go 7-7 instead of 8-6 down was tremendous, as were the two clearances he made against Maguire yesterday. Those three breaks will probably be what I remember the most from this week. There have been some comparisons with Selby that Wilson kind of failed to live up to in recent times, but tonight was a very Selby-like performance from him, playing his best snooker when the pressure was really on.

          A shame to see Gilbert missing out again... He was the underdog in all three of his big ranking finals and played surprisingly well each time, but things just haven't opened up for him like they have for a few other players recently. Still, I don't think many people expected him to reach two major finals this season, so he can be pretty happy with the way things are going at the moment.

          I enjoyed these last few days, hopefully we get more of the same next week.


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            Good final, although I’d like to have seen Gilbert win. There’s an air of arrogance about Wilson that puts me off - his comment “Look, I’m a Wilson, I’m hard...” is typical of what I mean, but the lad played well and deserved his win.
            "Kryten, isn't it round about this time of year that your head goes back to the lab for retuning?"