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O'min cues real or fake

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  • O'min cues real or fake

    I found a website ( selling O'min cues at lowered prices.
    Can anyone tell me if these cues are fake or real or what the quality is?

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    Those "Omin" cues are chinese made. He did a deal i believe whereby the chinese were making omin cues sorta under licence and manufacturing was supervised by his Thai guys. Next i heard a, or the, chinese company registered the name Omin and started making them with the same logo but with different range names.
    So to make sure your buying a genuine Omin check the name on the badge.
    To say Omin was not happy with what happened is an understatement but for the money they aint too bad.Refinish them though, like many a cheap cue they are sprayed with lacquer which also has some sort of
    colouring in it making the usually brown ebony blacker.


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      O'min cues originally and genuinely are from Thailand ONLY.


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        At the World Trade show Omin would have the most copied brand. A Chinese company not only make the Omin its the one that pays or the players using the Omin badge on TV. Thats the fake Omin or i suppose you could say the second company with the same name. They registered trademarks in many different countries making it hard for the real min to sell cues.
        Its Amazing how sneaky the Chinese companies are.