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Correct placement of the pink

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  • Correct placement of the pink


    Just started playing and was wondering if you could offer some clarification (as I see everyone setting up differently in my hall).

    As I understand it, the red balls should be placed as close as possible to the pink (on break off). However how do you achieve this? The triangle varies in width and I'm not confident in pushing the balls closer to the pink after having set them up. Perhaps there is a better triangle than they use in my club?

    Any tips are most welcome!



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    often the triangles down the club do take a bit of getting used to

    You are correct with the pink on its spot the reds are as close as possible without touching.
    You have to set the reds before before spotting the pink so the gaps sometimes is way too big
    With the triangles at my club I know that on one table I can have the outside edge of the triangle to the 'top' of the pink spot and the gap will be pretty good; where on another table you go for nearer the 'bottom' and it works.
    In clubs usually the gap can be way too much for a pro game but for us mere-mortals, a few mill will work - often the pink rocks on its spot anyway....
    Have fun and don't be too fussy.
    Up the TSF!


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      At first placing the pink is a bit trial and error, but the more frames you set up the more you will be able to judge it as you move the triangle forward.

      And another tip: never drop the balls into the triangle, as, over time, the impact of the balls hitting the cloth will damage the cloth. Always just place the reds on the table and gather them into a triangle with your arms before placing the triangle on top.

      For the same reason you should always roll a colour onto its spot from maybe 1cm or so away, rather than plonking it directly on.
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        Great, thanks guys! Just wish they had a triangle that included the pink! (bit ocd)