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    Originally posted by 9balldotcom View Post
    Its me again.
    Virtual Pool 4 Online Public Beta is very close now.There has been a few little niggling bugs to iron out, which is why its been delatayed a little again.
    Steve chaplin CEO of celeris has published a Public Beta FAQ'S in preperation for Beta release and you can read all that info here

    Hope to see you guys online very soon.
    Any update on the mac version?


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      No other info other than its being worked on


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        Originally posted by 9balldotcom View Post
        No other info other than its being worked on
        Thanks. I'll keep an eye out on this thread.


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          Public Beta is partially open. Players who have accounts can now access online play.

          To get the client:
          Log into your account
          Press the pencil icon under the player picture to bring up the account information.
          Press the Download Game button
          If you do not have a player name, please add one.

          Login Here


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            I have a further update for folks as regards the limited public beta phase we are going through.

            If anyone purchases the offline version of virtual pool 4 you can also register and gain access to the online game.

            Once registered you can go to your profile page and edit your account and there is a download button in your account for the online client.

            The offline version retails at $29.99 US,that's £18.02 at the current exchange rate.

            You can purchase the offline version here


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              Check this out anyone who wants to join in the Public Beta especially for those of you who alreadypurchased the offline version of VP4
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                Quick question: Will there be a version for Linux? Or does it work in a virtual machine?


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                  Yes Ive been told that it does work in Linux but you need to use a special application that allows you to run windows applications in Linux.Its called WINE i beleive

                  Here is youtube vid of the process
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                    Originally posted by 9balldotcom View Post
                    Yes Ive been told that it does work in Linux but you need to use a special application that allows you to run windows applications in Linux.Its called WINE i beleive

                    Here is youtube vid of the process
                    Tanks mate. I will try that. Yes, I know wine and I also had a look at winehq (a database for applications that could run in wine) I just found VP3 there. I will also try it in virtualbox and let you know


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                      DID YOU KNOW ? That if you purchased VP3DL from the Celeris site in the past,you too are eligible to play online as you also already have created an account when you purchased VP3DL


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                        VP4 snooker best of shots #3



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                          Hello again.

                          Great news at last and finally Virtual Pool 4 Online has gone public.You can register for free and play as a Gratis player to try the gsme out at this page. Look forward to seeing you all there.

                          Registration is now open to everyone (means you don't have to purchase VP4 to get online). You can register for free, or register for the minimum V$ purchase of $10 (buys V$1000).
                          Players who register free are Player Gratis and have certain restrictions:
                          Can only play 8-Ball, 9-Ball 6-Ball, in Challenge mode, in the Garage
                          Can not enter any events such as tournaments
                          Can only play with the house cues
                          Can not create private rooms
                          Have a static player rating

                          You can play as much as you want and have full access to the social network.
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                              For Immediate Release

                              Contact: Steve Chaplin,

                              A Free Online Pool Game with an Event-Oriented Social Network

                              Celeris has released Virtual Pool 4 Online, a free 3D online pool game
                              and an event-oriented social network with tournaments, ladders, a
                              calendar of events, and a pool lobby where you can chat with your
                              friends. The gaming platform lets you play 28 games including 8-Ball,
                              9-Ball, Snooker, Billiards, and Pub Pool.

                              The games let players compete in tournaments or play with friends.
                              Tournaments run continuously, and include single- and double-elimination
                              formats. To ensure a high level of competition for all players from
                              novice to champion, some tournaments are restricted to players of a
                              certain skill rating, and others have handicapping.

                              The Virtual Pool 4 Online website is a social network that keeps players
                              connected with friends and events. In addition to player profiles,
                              friends lists, tournament sign-ups, a calendar of upcoming events,
                              rankings, and statistics information, players can also view tournament
                              brackets and real-time match scores. Players can find friends and enter
                              their pool rooms with a single click. Players can even upload great
                              shots to share with other players.

                              Virtual Pool 4 Online's lobby is the main meeting and chatting place for
                              players. It's easy to find opponents there, or just hang out and enjoy
                              the conversations with other pool enthusiasts. It's simple to set up a
                              private chat and hold a personal conversation. Players can create Match
                              or Challenge rooms and optionally password protect them to make them
                              private. In Match rooms, players can play any game, to any score, on any
                              table, in any venue, with players chosen by the game master. There is
                              even team play. Challenge rooms are "King of the Hill" events in which
                              the winner stays on, and other players queue to try to beat the king.

                              At no cost, players have unlimited access to 8-Ball, 9-Ball, and 6-Ball
                              on a bar pool table. Players can upgrade to Premium service for an
                              annual $9.95(US) purchase of V$ 1000 of virtual currency that can be
                              used to enter tournaments. Top tournament finishers win virtual currency
                              prizes. Players can also use virtual currency to buy break cues, jump
                              cues, after-market playing shafts that lower cue deflection and make
                              shooting more accurate, and fancy cues with ivory and precious stone

                              Players can enjoy Virtual Pool 4 Online on any modern Windows computer.
                              For more information, or to start playing immediately, visit


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                                I'm trying to re download vp4 after a new windows install but the celeris websites are not responding.

                                Anyone else having problems with this ?.