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    Is there a draw up yet for the match schedule regardless of player, ie seed 1 vs seed x etc.

    Just trying to work out who might be playing in certain matches in round 2 as there are quite a few seats showing up in rows e/f now for the final sessions bar one which I presume is Ronnies possible one

    Round Two Table One* 27-04-2013 10:00:00 Currently Unavailable
    Round Two Table Two 27-04-2013 14:30:00 Currently Unavailable

    I thought there was one on the WC website but can't spot it.

    Only one ranking event left now so probably not many places liable to change, i hope Ding stays in the top 8 and plays as well as this week.

    Though briefly about the VIP package but have you seen the price £840 for the complete final !!! and best seats ? didn't this go through the normal sales channels when tickets became available?

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    Won't be able to tell for certain likely round two matches till the final rankings are known after the China Open. One thing we know is that Ronnie as defending champion will be seed 1 and will go into the top half of the draw. Likely Trump or Selby will be seed 2 and will go into bottom half of draw. Seed 3 top half seed 4 bottom etc etc. Too difficult to guess what might happen in round one. Will Ronnie survive round 1? Curse of The Crucible!!


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      The second round draw always has seedings adding up to 17:

      1 v 16
      9 v 8
      5 v 12
      13 v 4

      3 v 14
      11 v 6
      7 v 10
      15 v 2

      Quarters then add up to 9

      1 v 8
      4 v 5
      3 v 6
      2 v 7


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        Thanks Statman. As the rankings stand right now I think it would be Ronnie V Ally Carter if they both come through round 1 but Ally's (and others) rankings could change after China. Best to wait till the draw is made on April 15th.


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          Thanks statman, i never noticed that was how it was done. Do the players get re-ranked internally then as others are knocked out?

          I didn't realise Ronnie vs Carter was likely as that is normally easy for Ronnie, but I think all his session tickets have gone by now, might get some for in the week and just see what happens I guess.


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            No, of course if no/1 gets knocked out, then the qualifier who beat him will be in the no.1 slot.

            It's standard drawsheet layout, if the first round was 64 players fully seeded, it would be 1v64, 2v63 - always adding up to 65 - and arranged so that the next round would end up correct for the 32.


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              Sorry mate, thats what i meant by re-ranked internally just for this comp. qualifer becomes no.11/takes the one slot if he beats ronnie.

              I wish the match schedule was still on the website, even though no names are it it is useful to be able to see the draw.

              I managed to get some tickets in that release yesterday, Ronnie's match came up for a second but when I clicked on it the table plan wouldn't load which was a shame. I got a pair of tickets for all of day 2 on table 2 which are all the other sessions from day 1 concluding which hopefully will be nice.

              Couldn't guess who we will see bar it being the odd seeds but I not sure what seed is up first on the saturday.

              I didn't see the final become available at all when I was looking between 10 and 11 but maybe someone got the extra tickets were mentioned for that straight away.

              First time at the Crucible for me , so looking forward to it massively.


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                Well you'll enjoy it, no doubt. It'll be my 20th final and 21st year of going and the anticipation is always there. There isn't a bad seat in the house and the atmosphere at Sheffield is not repeated anywhere else on the circuit.

                Remember, if your match finishes first, stay in your seat because they'll raise the wall as soon as practical so you'll see the tail end of the session on the other table too.

                Most of all - enjoy! Many of the regulars spend some time in the Graduate, a pub just opposite Tudor Square, after the snooker has finished, so come along and say hello. (A lot of the referees and a few players, notably Martin Gould, will be there too.)


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                  21 years that's a long time mate, your not Brian the guy in the corner seat?

                  I will stay sat down don't worry and hopefully might be in the seats where you can see the other table anyway F27/28 bar the first session f21/22.

                  Thanks for the invite we'll come over and say hello for sure.

                  Whats been your best moment/match in all that time or too many to mention?

                  I'd quite to see Ebdon just incase he does any of his crazy stuff, i can still remember his come-on against Lee from years back that was great !


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                    Good seats Cebs. Table 2 just behind where the players sit. Don't think you can see Table 1 till the curtain comes up.


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                      Does anyone know which day/table Mark Williams will be playing his first round match on?


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                        I pretty sure you won't find that out till the draw is made on the 15th......
                        Winner of 2011 Masters Fantasy game......
                        Winner of 2011 World Championship Fantasy game.......


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                          Originally posted by DannyC View Post
                          Does anyone know which day/table Mark Williams will be playing his first round match on?
                          Based on Statman's post I think Mark J will be on table 2 with a potential 2nd round match against Stephen Maquire. Won't know their 1st round opponents till April 15th.
                          PS think his match will be on Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st.
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                            Preliminary format now available on World Snooker website.


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                              Originally posted by Bigmeek View Post
                              Preliminary format now available on World Snooker website.

                              Do you know if that means match 11 is Day 3/Table 2?