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  • Originally posted by thai_son22 View Post
    I don't actually think Selby is any slower than the average player. Take Ronnie, I find when you watch his movements around the table, he doesn't look fast, but when you time the breaks and shot time, he is quick.

    I find Selby isn't slow around the table, but his style appears slow and dragged which makes him 'seem' slow. He feathers about 3 times, long back swing and shoots.

    Plenty players who take longer than Selby.
    I 100% agree with this. I have always been baffled when people say Selby is slow and boring to watch. I find him a joy to watch when he is on form. He has every aspect of the game nailed. Brilliant player and he does have charisma. I know he used to joke around more on the table in his early days but that behaviour wasn't winning him titles. I still think he shares a joke or two with the ref and his opponent more then most players do either way. He had Peggy Lee laughing a couple of times in the final. I just love watching him play, as much as I love watching Ronnie. Its all about watching the game being played to an exceptional standard.
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    • I love watching Selby play. He's graceful and elegant around the table.